Marsh Stencil Cutter

Model R, R5, S, H, & Q Feed Wheel AreFront Handle Area


Material Feed Wheel Area

Main Page, Name Plate Down, Top Cover, Feed Wheels, Underside

RP01PL-H Plate, table (1/2") 
RP01PL-Q  Plate, table (1/4") 
RP01PL-S Plate, table (3/4") 
RP01X-H Base, with shaft and plate (1/2") 
RP01X-Q Base, with shaft and plate (1/4") 
RP01X-R Base, with center shaft (1") 
RP01X-S Base, with shaft and plate (3/4") 
RP02-R  Hood (1")
RP02-SHQ Hood (1/4", 1/2", 3/4") 
RP06C-R Screw, Handle (Phillips)
RP16G Cap, eccentric shaft handle (Red)
RP16-R Shaft assy, eccentric (1") 
RP16-SHQ Shaft assy, eccentric (1/4", 1/2", 3/4") 
RP17 Button, release shaft 
RP20X-R Handle, assy operating (1" ) 
RP20X-SHQ Handle, assy operating (1/4", 1/2", 3/4") 
RP21 Washer 
RP22 Shaft, handle 
RP23LB-H Wheel assy, feed left (1/2") 
RP23LB-Q Wheel assy, feed left (1/4") 
RP23LB-R Wheel assy, feed left (1") 
RP23LB-S Wheel assy, feed left (3/4") 
RP23R Wheel, feed right 
RP25-H Cam assy, spacing (1/2") 
RP25-Q Cam assy, spacing (1/4") 
RP25-R Cam assy, spacing (1") 
RP25-S Cam assy, spacing (3/4") 
RP27944 Grip, Handle 7/8" Flangeless 
RP37S Spring, handle