MSSC - Marsh Stencil Machines


stencil (plural stencils)

  1. A thin sheet of oil saturated board, with which a pattern or series of letters are cut into to produce a reusable template.

For repetitive coding and marking using messages cut into oil board. Used for marking on cartons, wooden boxes, pallets, pipes, walls, etc.

Three types of units available: Manual, Electronic, and Super Sized.

MSSC - Marking - Stenciling - Sealing - Coding

Stencil Machines

Mark lots of items with the same message with ink.

Standard Marsh stencil cutters are available in 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1". These machines cut the same size letter on each line. We offer Total Solutions, everything you need right out of the box to start coding on delivery.
Marsh Stencil Express
The Stencil Express Discontinued 2021. New model being released early 2022. Check back for more info.
Super Size Stencil Cutter Cut custom stencils from the Marsh Super Size Stencil Cutter. Select up to 10" tall characters! This unit is capable of cutting different font sizes on each line but you will need multiple sets of dies.



Once you cut the message, you have to leave your mark.

Marsh Stencil Ink System

Refillable roller applicators in 1 1/2" or 3" width.

Roller or Fountain Brush systems Refillable roller or brush, pad systems, and efi.

Genuine Marsh Oil Board for cutting your messages into.


Marsh (MSSC) Inks

eFI - Marsh efi Stencil Ink System Keep the environment cleaner… less than 4% VOC Go green with the efi stenciling system! 

K Stencil Ink - Marks on porous surfaces.

Ink for Applicator Chart - Right ink for the applicator.

Mark Over Ink - Water Based Liquid Mark Over Ink for cartons.

MSSC Ink Chart - Easy way to find the best ink.

Rolmark Stencil Ink - Marks on porous and non-porous surfaces.

Spray Products - Stencil or Mark Over, Silicone, and Adhesive.

M99 - Ink for refillable markers (Formerly T-Ink). Black only. Direct link to the shopping cart.

Hand Markers

Markers - "88" & "99"

M88fr - Water based, non-toxic